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Demo A Live AllegianceMD® System On-Site

A VERUS Software Expert will demonstrate a live AllegianceMD® system at your practice. No slide shows, video conferencing, or demo systems. Evaluate the features, efficiency, and performance of the actual system your practice will use.

See AllegianceMD® In Action

Visit a VERUS client to observe AllegianceMD® in use at a busy practice. Many VERUS clients are happy to share their experiences adopting meaningful use of EMR.


Try Custom Charting Templates

VERUS will create sample custom templates, designed using your practice’s current charts and forms. Get a true feel for AllegianceMD® electronic charting using the data and forms you know and use.


Option To Cancel

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with AllegianceMD® software or the services provided by VERUS, you may cancel at any time without penalty. Your valuable system data will be provided to you in your choice of printed or electronic format.

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