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VERUS is a Top-Flight Medical Billing +

EHR Software Services Company In One

Designed by Billing Experts, Practice Management Professionals and IT Specialists, VERUS combines the worlds of

medicine and technology to give physicians an advanced and complete Medical Billing Service and optional  EHR solution. A unique synergy that saves your practice time and money, a lot of money.


VERUS utilizes the latest electronic billing technology to quickly convert your patient encounters to electronic claims

with minimal errors. Whether your claims are provided in electronic or paper format, our professional coders assure

every encounter has been entered correctly before the claims are batched and transmitted - all within 24 hours.

Your practice receives the maximum amount on each claim as quickly as possible, resulting in improved cash flow for your business.


VERUS provides everything you would expect from a cutting edge billing service, with flexibility and an attention to detail.

  • Advanced Electronic Claims Processing

  • Start to Finish Resolution of Every Claim

  • Experienced Certified Medical Coders

  • 24-Hour Claim Submission

  • Electronic EOB Posting and EFT

  • Real-Time Financial Data and Reports

  • Telephone Support for Patient Billing Questions


VERUS has the experience and flexibility to integrate with your practice whether you use our state of the art practice management software - ALLEGIANCEMD, are currently using your own system, or continue to use paper charts.  VERUS conforms to meet your practice's needs so you can concentrate on medicine and not your billing company.



We hire the best people in the business. Our team members include former Practice Managers, Coding Instructors, Insurance Adjusters and IT Specialists. Our people are experienced, certified and have seen it all.


Our  team is based in the Chicagoland area.


Let our team handle your information and billing needs, while you focus on your expertise - patient care.


  • Reproductive Endocrinology

  • Gynecology

  • Urogynecology

  • Internal Medicine

  • Geriatrics


The bottom line is that VERUS is a top-flight Medical Billing AND EMR/EHR software AND services company in one.

VERUS understands the features, efficiencies and competitive pricing of AllegianceMD® practice management software and consider it one of the best options available for small to mid-size practices looking to implement EMR/EHR. Our proven implementation model has taken much of the uncertainty and risk out of the decision to implement AllegianceMD® software.



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